Are you sure you have a good view of Saint Christopher’s Church? “: an animation for young and old who like to play.

Games and exposure in good mood

©MAJ/Les Amis de Créteil

Without any fuss and in a good mood, we offer you to play with your memories and your knowledge to solve the unpretentious games we offer you; and if you dry, the monument is there to help you see! Enriched by a small exhibition briefly tracing the great dates that mark the existence of the church of Saint Christopher whose some architectural elements easily exceed the thousand years, the animations that we propose will be held next to the church (weather permitting) or sheltered; the place will be clearly displayed on the porch gates on Sunday, September 17. Young and old are invited.

About the venue

Place de l'Église 94000 Créteil
  • Édifice religieux

The different parts of the church bear the mark of the centuries during which they were altered. The crypt: taken over in the Romanesque era, it has three naves separated by four colonnettes determining nine identical bays vaulted with edges. Under the altar of the crypt (whose table is formed by a stone taken from the local quarries) are presented the relics of the martyrs of Créteil: Agoard, Aglibert and their companions. The Romanesque steeple: tower of nearly thirty meters high, reinforced with buttresses of corner and overhanging the Romanesque porch. It houses three bells: Marie (200 books) dating from 1552, Joséphine Élisabeth (2500 books) rebuilt in 1867, Agoard and Aglibert (800 books) installed in 1992. The church: it adopts the plan of a basilica (central nave joined by two collaterals). A three-storey elevation had been planned but could only be achieved in the chancel (high windows and crossed warheads leaning on beams of columns resting on the pillars). The nave remains c

Access: M8 Créteil-Université TVM et bus 317, 217, 104 Église de Créteil RN 19, 186