Presentation of heritage documents at the French Civil Engineers Library

Presentation of heritage documents ...

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Presentation of heritage documents
Founded in 1848 in the midst of the Industrial Revolution, the French Civil Engineering Library brings together works from the 19th and 20th centuries in all fields of science and technology. Discover its history and some iconic works combining travel and industry.
This presentation is presented in the context of the regional event Heritage writings.

About the venue

Château de la Verrerie 71200 Le Creusot
  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir
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  • Édifice industriel, scientifique et technique
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  • Lieu de spectacles, sports et loisirs
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  • Musée de France
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  • Monument historique

The permanent exhibition of the museum includes a remarkable collection of crystals and of opaline of the beginning of the XIXth century. On the first floor, the exposed(explained) rooms(parts,plays) evoke the industrial epic poem of the factories of Creusot and the development of the city, generated by a dynasty of ironmasters: Schneider. The lounge(show) of Americas, with its panoramic wallpaper, its furniture of styles Empire and the Restoration, allows to include the lifestyle of the business upper middle class in the XXth century. At the ground floor, models of locomotives and of boats evoke the role of the steam engine in transport. The paintings(boards) of François Bonhommé and from Joseph-Fortuné Layraud represent work in the metallurgical factories. Temporary exhibitions(exposures) are also proposed throughout the year.