Napoleon Bonaparte exhibition in Auxonne, a young artillery officer in a garrison town 1788-1791


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Commemorative exhibition for the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, created by the City of Auxonne.
After two holidays and a stay in Corsica, Napoleon Bonaparte joined the Régiment d'artillerie de la Fère on 15 June 1788, then in garrison at Auxonne.
At the royal artillery school of the Auxonnaise city, he learnt the essentials of his craft as a gunner and forged the foundations of his intellectual training. He learned ballistics, tactics, strategy and the art of war. Bonaparte led a studious and active life, although reclusive.
The City of Auxonne, in partnership with the Departmental Archives of the Côte-d'Or, has mounted an exhibition tracing the passage of Napoleon Bonaparte to Auxonne.
Composed of 12 panels, this exhibition addresses the themes:

  • Who is Napolionne de Buonaparte?
  • The military training of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Everyday life at the royal artillery school in Auxonne
  • The training of Napoleon Bonaparte at the royal artillery school of Auxonne
  • His first weapons, at the time of the French Revolution
  • Military history of Auxonne: Louis XI, Vauban and Napoleon I
  • The military buildings of Auxonne in 1823
  • Music under the Empire and the salon of Empress Josephine
  • Inauguration of the statue of Napoleon Bonaparte, erected on Place d'Armes

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