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Magnificent example of a mansion built in the early seventeenth century.

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Built for Étienne Bouhier, councillor at the Parliament of Burgundy, this hotel combines classical architecture with the decorative refinement of the Italian Renaissance. The glazed roofs, the so-called "Guards' Room" with its richly painted ceiling and its monumental fireplace make this parliamentary hotel one of the most valuable in the city.
Proposed by Dijon, City of art and history
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8 rue de la Chouette, 21000 Dijon
  • Monument historique
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  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir

The Hotel de Vogüé de Dijon in Côte-d'Or is a 17th century mansion. This richly decorated mansion, was built in 1614 for Étienne Bouhier de Chevigny if we believe the date lying on the large fireplace of the guards room. He was a magistrate and advisor to the parliament of Burgundy from 1607 to 1635 as well as a great art lover. Devoting himself to architecture, he was given the opportunity to have been the architect of his hotel. The latter is considered the prototype of Dijon’s parliamentary hotels. The decoration of the facades recalls that of the sixteenth century: curved and triangular pediments, mascarons, garlands, but the cariatides have disappeared, replaced by fins. The roof is made of a mosaic of glazed tiles in the Burgundian style. In 1766 the hotel became the property of the Vogüé family through the marriage, on November 29, of Catherine Bouhier de Versalieu with Count Cerice-François Melchior de Vogüé. To date property of the City of Dijon, it houses the human resources