Castle of Soussey-sur-Brionne

Come and discover the park, the tower and its various pieces animated by a scenography evoking a family home of the thirteenth century, the seigneurial and military life.

© Audrey Debosse

The tower-house dates from the thirteenth century, venerable square keep with turret staircase topped with a tiled roof. The life of a seigneurial family is reconstituted there with furniture and models. The other buildings around the courtyard date from the 16th century. In the park flows a river at the edge of which is a dovecote. The castle is agglomerated with a French garden in the inner courtyard, and an English park around the castle.

château, soussey

About the venue

57 rue du château 21350 Soussey-sur-Brionne
  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir
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  • Monument historique