Discovery of the African Museum of Allex

European Heritage Days 2023

Congrégation du Saint Esprit

The Spiritan collections of African art, gathered in Allex since 2018 in a new museum adapted to modern standards, are an exceptional testimony of life, the traditions, art and beliefs of the people of Equatorial Africa in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The range of artifacts preserved in the collections is wide and concerns both the everyday (tools, dishes, seats, weapons, adornments, etc.), as well as the sacred (initiation rites, liturgy of initiation societies, therapeutic or divinatory practices, etc.) with many masks and statues, including some wonders of African art.
Most of these objects, miraculously preserved, have remained unpublished until now for the general public and specialists. The museum aims above all to be a space for dialogue, open to the contemporary world and its questions, in a perspective of mutual enrichment. Young and old, Christian or not, art lovers or novices, all are invited to discover the richness of African culture of yesterday and today, in a spirit of openness and simplicity . For more information:

About the venue

4, montée de la butte 26400 Allex
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The Maison St Joseph d'Allex has a long history: 18th century castle built by the La Tour du Pin family, the property was bought and considerably developed by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit in 1920, which made it a minor seminary for the formation of missionaries, backed by a sanctuary dedicated to St Joseph. Cultivating values of hospitality, openness to the other different from themselves, Spiritans are border runners, who strive to create bridges between different cultures and sensitivities, as here in Allex through the Welcome project (groups and individuals) and the Spiritan Museum of African Arts, witness to the long history of the congregation on the continent.

Access: Private parking on site (limited number of places), or otherwise at the St Joseph area at the foot of the village (municipal parking)

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