Exceptional visit of the Castle and the Mill in Chissey-en-Morvan

In the presence of heritage actors, presentation of know-how, photographic exhibition and conferences.

Pascal Pommé

Among other things we will receive:

  • Fabrice Gohard. Foil gilder.
  • Joël Lambert. Dendrochronologue (Wood dating)
  • Marie-José Latouche. Architect specialized in archaeology.
  • Pierre Muller, Stonemason
  • Jean-Charles Prommer, Blacksmith Blacksmith
  • François Poche. Heritage photographer.

About the venue

71540 Chissey-en-Morvan
  • Ouverture exceptionnelle
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  • Site patrimonial remarquable
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  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir

Fortified house XIII and XV th century

5019 route Michel de Chaugy Pascal Pommé