Animations to discover the palafittique site of the bay of Châtillon

Discovery of the submerged palafittic site of the Bay of Châtillon listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

As part of the European Heritage Days, the town of Chindrieux organizes activities around the submerged palafittic site of the Bay of Châtillon, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: 11am: presentation of the palafittic site of the bay of Châtillon by Mr Yves Billaud, Research engineer, responsible for inland waters, Department of Underwater Archaeological Research (DRASSM) followed by the inauguration of signs on the Châtillon site to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the site’s inscription as a UNESCO heritage site. From 12:30 pm: multi-discovery activities for children including a reading at 2:30 pm to discover the way of life of their little friends 3000 years ago (presented by a guide of the Savoie Mont-Blanc heritage). The day will end with an all-public presentation at 15:30 with a look back in the past of this palafitte village dated to the Bronze Age final (departure from the top of the port pedestrian descent)

About the venue

Port de plaisance de Chindrieux, 73310 Chindrieux, Savoie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • Site archéologique

Located on the bay(berry) of Châtillon, north of the Lake Bourget, municipality of Chindrieux 73310.

Access: takes in the car

Port de plaisance - site palafitte ® Montage Josy Rosset