Snack in the spirit of Chomo with wild wine

As in the time of Chomo, we will offer you a snack accompanied by wild wine, to better face the Apocalypse that we are going through together!

Association des Amis de CHOMO

A kind of pantheistic prophet, Chomo is convinced that nature shelters the truth of the world and that the modern world devotes this truth. Very critical of the Western model which destroys nature and seriously disturbs the great balances, Chomo called for a return to spirituality, to a form of poverty in a very evangelical spirit. “To evolve, you have to be very poor,” he said. “But you also have to be careful not to reason too much.” Man needs more mystery than bread, added this savage preacher who invariably ended his guided visits to his Refuge, the most beautiful building in the village, where he offered a «baptism» to the Wild Wine. «We are at the end of a cycle, at the end of a civilization», proclaimed Chomo in his 16 mm film, The Spiritual Landing (1987-1990). “We are not going to Revelation. We are in Revelation.”

About the venue

24 rue de Paris Forêt 77760 Achères-la-Forêt
  • Musée, salle d'exposition
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  • Maison, appartement, atelier de personnes célèbres

The Village d'Art Préludien is the domain of the artist Roger Chomeaux dit Chomo (1907-1999), where he lived and created alone, for more than 40 years. It consists of its own house and three spontaneous architectures: the Refuge, the Church of the Poor, and the Sanctuary of the Burnt Woods. The Association of Friends of Chomo was created with the aim of preserving these unclassifiable works and making them known to the public.

Access: The Village d'Art Préludien is only accessible during events organized by the association. The site is accessible by car and bike, no parking on site (private carpooling from Acheres la Foret).

Village d'Art Préludien de Chomo Association des Amis de Chomo