Guided tour of the exterior of the pre-built residence dating from the 17th century

Come discover the exterior of the residence under the guidance of its current owner.

©Région Grand Est - Inventaire général (cliché Bertrand Drapier)

About the venue

2 et 4 avenue Poincaré, 55110 Brieulles-sur-Meuse
  • Monument historique
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  • Édifice religieux

The residence of the Prémontrés of Brieulles was founded in 1642 next to the parish church of Brieulles, which has owned the Saint-Paul de Verdun abbey since 1181\. Its foundation is the result of a bequest from Pierre Cadenet and his wife in 1632, in which it is stipulated that the house, intended to serve as a seminary or novitiate for the Premonstratensians, will not bear the title of abbey or priory, to avoid the regime of commendation. The first building was built between 1646 and 1647, its chapel around 1680 (unfinished); it was replaced by a larger chapel between 1756 and 1761, destroyed in 1792\. In 1790, at the time of its suppression, the residence of Brieulles had 6 canons and 2 lay people. Currently private property.

Résidence de Chanoines ©Région Grand Est - Inventaire général (cliché Bertrand Drapier)