Visit to discover rural architecture in the Ban de la Roche: building and living the farms of Neuviller-la-Roche

Enjoy a guided tour to discover the town and its rural heritage.

©Région Grand Est - Inventaire général / Claude Menninger

The Ban-de-la-Roche is an enclave in the upper Bruche valley. Its villages consist of farms of the type of «bloc farm», which is omnipresent throughout the Vosges massif. The visit of Neuviller-la-Roche will highlight the particular characteristics of this rural habitat (implementation of materials, interior distribution, heating methods, etc.) and its specificities.

About the venue

19 rue Principale, 67130 Neuviller-la-Roche
  • Musée, salle d'exposition

Neuviller la Roche, a mountain town, with steep slopes, ungrateful soil, difficult to exploit, its population was once made up of peasant workers. Weavers, working on hand-looms, with one or two cows in the stable, they lived modestly from the products of their land. The museum, a witness to the history of Ban-de-la-Roche, immerses you in the world of traditional crafts and objects of yesteryear and makes you relive the gestures of yesteryear.

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