Guided tours of an abbey founded in 1150

Take the opportunity to discover the north wing of the former abbey and the superb park that serves as a showcase. Join Pierre Briot and the venue’s owners on guided tours.

©Région Grand Est - Inventaire général (cliché Bertrand Drapier)

About the venue

Rue de l'abbaye, 55200 Geville
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  • Édifice religieux

Founded in 1150 by Hadwige, Chatelaine d'Apremont and by the Chapter of the Cathedral of Toul, the long history of the Rangeval Abbey is linked to that of the Premonstratensian Order. The Premonstratensians chose a cold valley of the Meuse coast opening on the plain of the Woëvre to found the abbey of Rangeval, thanks to the gifts of the lords of Apremont. The abbey suffered greatly from the wars of the 16th century. It was saved by joining the Congregation of Ancient Rigor in 1626\. This adhesion marks the beginning of a rebirth that the destruction caused by the Thirty Years' War almost destroyed definitively. The reconstruction of the claustral buildings began in 1670\. No information is available about the previous abbey. A new cloister is designed north of the old abbey church. The work continued for nearly forty years and was completed with the reconstruction of the abbey church on plans by the pre-built architect Nicolas Pierson. The first stone was laid on 29 July 1729\. Pierso

Abbaye de Rangeval ©Région Grand Est - Inventaire général (cliché Bertrand Drapier)