(Re) discover freely this Nancy mansion

Free access to the courtyard and exhibition room of this mansion built in the early 18th century by Germain Boffrand.

©Bertrand Drapier, Nancy, Hôtel Ferraris. Région Grand Est - Inventaire général
Région Grand Est 2019

About the venue

29 rue du Haut Bourgeois, 54000 Nancy
  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir
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  • Monument historique

Close friend(relation) of the old city and of the ducal palace, at the middle - route(course) of the street of the Top - Middle-class person, raises itself(draws itself up) the Ferraris hotel, the particularly significant example of the big(great) private residences established in Nancy in the course of the reign of the duke Leopold (1698-1729). Attributed(Awarded) to German Boffrand (1667-1754), it kept(preserved) the decoration(set) painted by the ceiling of its monumental staircase due to the brush of Giacomo Barilli (1685-1739), collaborator of the famous Italian decorator Francesco Bibiena. Since 1976, the building shelters the General registry of the cultural heritage.

Hôtel Ferraris ©Bertrand Drapier, Nancy, Hôtel Ferraris - Région Grand Est - Inventaire général