Tour of a former residential school

Come discover the residential school buildings and enjoy a presentation of archival documents.

©Région Grand Est - Inventaire général - photographie Gilles André

During the guided tour, you will discover the exterior and interior of the residential school buildings (outside rooms inaccessible for security reasons): concert hall, chapel, courtyard, gymnasium, stairwells. There will also be a presentation of archival documents held at the convent of the Sisters of Divine Providence in Saint-Jean-de-Bael.
The visit is provided by Catherine Zeller, research officer at the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage of the Grand Est region.

Région Grand Est 2019

About the venue

15 rue du vieux pensionnat, 57930 Fénétrange
  • Édifice scolaire et éducatif

The first boarding school of the Sisters of Divine Providence of Saint-Jean-de-Basel opened its doors at Fénétrange in 1894, in the building of the former seminary of Fénétrange. Soon too narrow to accommodate the hundred students and the Sisters, a new boarding school was built, starting in 1936, it was Notre-Dame de la Providence. School complex, boarding school, training center, vocational high school and general education, this large building whose west wing is built only in 1956-57, welcomed until 626 students in 1974\. The boys' boarding school was opened in 1987 and the high school was then home to a vocational school which closed in 1995 while the general school closed in 1998\. In 2014, the municipality of Fénétrange bought the boarding school in which the primary school is located in the west wing.

Pensionnat de la Divine Providence ©Région Grand Est Inventaire général - Photographie Catherine Zeller-Belville