Discover the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage and the Regional History Committee

The Grand Est Region invites you to discover the trades and missions related to heritage and history through a free walk.

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Come and meet the professions of the Inventory and Heritage Department of the Greater East Region, notably conducting the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage mission. Discover the ongoing studies, the heritage documentation centre and the resources available, as well as the Regional History Committee, head of the network in the field of History and Heritage.

About the venue

5 rue de Jéricho, 51000 Châlons-en-Champagne
  • Édifice religieux
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  • Édifice scolaire et éducatif
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  • Lieu de pouvoir, édifice judiciaire

Built by Edward, then Jules Deperthes, from 1897 till 1901, the old(former) big(great) seminary(seminar) devoted in Sainte-Croix, wanted by Mgr Latty, became regional seat of government in 1988\. Compound(Made up), according to a plan there H, of three main buildings of equal height, it presents stone leaky facades of size of windows in round arch or of arcades in ground floor(floors), enriched by a frieze of yellow brick on the first floor and of windows passers-by in the second. Of its previous function(office), the large building(ship) keeps(preserves) a magnificent chapel of romano-Byzantine style, in three naves covered with vaults in pendants painted by G. Defretière. The visitors can also discover to it the old(former) library(bookcase), the office(desk) of the president of Region drawn by Henry Ciriani and the room of assembly adorned with an original composition of Olivier Debré.

Hôtel de Région (ancien grand séminaire) ©Jacques Philippot - Région Grand Est - Inventaire général