screening of the animated film made by the children on the heritage of Corsica - Contami a Corsica! By the company under the sky

In 2021, the Compagnie Sous le Ciel travelled through Haute-Corse and offered children the opportunity to participate in the creation of a craft animation film on the theme of Corsican heritage and la

compagnie sous le ciel

During the summer of 2021, the Compagnie Sous le Ciel travels through Haute-Corse and offers children aged 6 to 11 to participate in the creation of a craft animation film on the theme of Corsican heritage and language. Accompanied by the 2 artists (Sarah Durteste: visual artist, musician and Stéphane Lyonnet: videographer - musician) the children are invited to create a living image on a luminous table, from freehand drawing (ink, sand, chalk, painting...), calligraphy, making and manipulating figurines, assembling fabrics, archival photos and plants, under the watchful eye of the camera. A soundtrack was also designed with the children around sound effects, words, traditional songs and ritournelles in Corsican language, and from a small instrumentarium (metallophone, percussions, sonnailles...).

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Fort de Matra, 20270 Aléria
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MUSEE D'ALERIA. ALALIA: 8000 YEARS OF HISTORY The tabular plateau located in the heart of the eastern plain of Corsica, not far from the sea, and dominating by a peak the river Tavignano, is inhabited by man since the ancient Neolithic. Around 565 BC, the Phocaeans, who are Greeks settled in the Gulf of Smyrna, founded a counter at Alalia which became their metropolis and thus made Corsica enter the history. Thirty years later, after a naval battle opposing them to an Etruscan-Punic coalition, a large part of the Phocaeans leave the island: some take refuge in Massalia (Marseilles), which is another of their colonies, others will found a new one, Elee, south of the Gulf of Naples. Successively, Etruscans, Carthaginians and Romans will be interested in Corsica. In 259 BC, Cornelius Scipion, at the beginning of the wars between Rome and Carthage, seizes Alalia which will become Aléria. For 7 centuries, Corsica will undergo the Roman domination that will mark it deeply. Aléria will become

Musée d'archéologie d'Aléria