Guided tours of the Comb Gardens

The Jardins de la Peignie offer visitors a remarkable green setting. They will be presented to you by Dominique, nurserist and creator of the place.

Les Jardins de la Peignie

Created on 30/07/16, the Association Les Jardins de La Peignie aims to preserve, beautify and animate the park and gardens of the Peignie with 450 varieties of old roses and 200 trees and shrubs of collection, planted on 1.6 hectares.
The nursery, created in the 80s and whose professional activity ceased on 31/12/2017, has been awarded many times and counts among its clients the Botanical Gardens of Rennes, Nantes, Brest, the parks of the Domaine de Montmarin, du Pin (Angers), Chateaux de la Chenevière (Normandy), Lude (Sarthe).
All methods of production and exploitation have always been carried out in strict compliance with the principles of ecological agriculture.
It is also a matter for the Association to develop, promote and value social and inter-generational links around the place. To do this, the association organizes cultural and festive events (exhibitions, concerts, scarecrow competitions) debates on themes related to ecology, size classes and welcomes visitors: individuals, school, associations, residents of retirement homes etc. by appointment: T.02 97 93 36 12 or on the occasion of the days included in the annual program of the Gardens of the Comb.

About the venue

La Peignie 56490 Ménéac
  • Espace naturel, parc, jardin

The Jardin de la Peignie was a nursery until 2016\. An association was created to preserve, embellish and animate these exceptional gardens that contain about 500 old roses, shrubs and trees. Events are organized to bring this place to life (exhibitions, concerts, size classes, writing workshops, tataki zomé) and welcome visitors of all ages (schools, retirement homes, associations, individuals). Outside of the scheduled days, it is desirable to tel. to ensure the opening of the Gardens.

Access: GPS 48.141855X-2.401741 - Route de Brignac - parking at Les Jardins

Les Jardins de la Peignie Jardins de La Peignie