Free visit of the chapel of Locmaria

Visit of the chapel of Locmaria

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rue de la Côte, 56690, Nostang
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Old(Former) chaplaincy in the order of Saint Jean de Jérusalem dependent on Merlevenez in the 12th century, the chapel becomes ownership of the abbey Notre-Dame of Enjoyment in the 13th century. The building is rebuilt in the 15th century. Of plan in Tau, the building consists of two deranged naves, walled off diaphragm topped with a little steeple. The high nave is entirely painted in the 15th century. Characters are represented on the background of arabesques. A dance of death manifests undoubtedly the probable representation of the said of Three deaths and of Three vivoses. An Annunciation is in the old(former) north chapel.

Chapelle de Locmaria Mairie de Nostang