Visit of the castle of La Grationnaye

Visit of the exterior of the castle of La Grationnaye and interior of the chapel and three rooms inside

Hubert de Chantérac

Exceptional opening of three rooms of the castle, exceptional opening times, presentation of an architectural description and visit of the exteriors and some stories around La Grationnaye.

About the venue

La Grationnaye, 56220, Malansac
  • Monument historique
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  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir
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  • Espace naturel, parc, jardin

The castle of La Grationnaye is organized around a courtyard of honor, around which stand buildings built in several eras. The oldest north-south orientation dates back to at least the 15th century (the inhabitant then died in 1427). A transitional building was then attached to it, in the extension of the previous one with a square tower of the sixteenth century. This building was built between 1581 and 1585\. Then again, was joined to this building, a large main body, perpendicular to the previous, dating from the seventeenth century. Finally to the south, another building dating from the 19th century. A chapel was built around 1620, which is north of the oldest building, and a guard house dating from the same period is located on the edge of a French garden, To the west of the west facade of the rear of the castle about 150 m. In front of this guard building with loopholes, there is a wolf’s-eye of about 4 m of depth. We also have a dovecote, built at the same time as the chapel and

Access: Presence of parking

Château de la Grationnaye Hubert de Chantérac