(Re) Discover the Victor Hugo Theatre

Free visit and guided tours at 11am, 2pm, 3:30pm and 5pm.

David Bordes

About the venue

Place du Théâtre, 35300, Fougères
  • Lieu de spectacles, sports et loisirs
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  • Monument historique

Theatre of the end of the XIXth century realised by Jean-Marie Laloy to meet needs of a labour population in full development with very limited means. He(It) is disused since 1975\. It is a building of rectangular, middle-sized plan (400 - 500 places(squares)), but testifying a monumental concern(marigold): the facade, located in the alignment of the nearby houses, distinguishes itself from it by its impressive aspect and its architecture very Fine Arts, with bossage, Corinthian capitals(big tops), pilasters, friezes, front wall(pediment)-pine nut vaulted in adorned tympanum. The internal decoration(set) betrays this concern(marigold) to make an architecture in spite of modest ways(means): he draws inspiration from the classic decoration(set) of theatres of time(period) (dark blue, garnet, and), but by handling very almost exclusively in paintings(paints), and without big(great) mythological and allegoric stages(scenes). From this point of view, it is a real feat, and an incontestable success.

Théâtre Victor Hugo