Concert in the Church of Saint-Ouen

Sacred music concert

Mairie Les Iffs

About the venue

Eglise Saint-Ouen, 35630 Les Iffs
  • Monument historique
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  • Édifice religieux

Under the impulse of the Lords of Laval, owners of the castle of Montmuran, the construction of the parish church of Iffs is undertaken in the fifteenth century. It continued in the sixteenth century, especially with the Coligny family and also thanks to the generosity of the inhabitants of the Iffs who enjoy a relative prosperity due to the cultivation of flax and hemp and the production of famous canvases and marketed until Russia. With a nave opening on four side chapels, the church has the shape of a cross of Lorraine. Its exterior is representative of the flamboyant Breton Gothic style: arcades and pointed-arch windows, buttresses with raised corners surmounted by carved pinnacles, kale and other decorative motifs carved in granite. The south facade is pierced by two windows with three mullions, one of which opens on the chapel of the crusillon and the hexagonal chapel near the chevet. Originally, the bell tower, like those in the surrounding area, consisted of a wooden frame cove

Eglise Saint-Ouen Mairie les Iffs