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The GUADELOUPEEN CENTER OF INDIAN CULTURE is: - a place of exhibition: o on Indian immigration in Guadeloupe (30 boards) o musical instruments, books and documentation on indianity in Gpe in particular, o the Indian clothing part. - a place of development: o the workshops of Yoya, of Dance, of music, of songs, of languages, of Indian cuisine - a place of resources (a database), for all that concerns: o the history of Guadeloupe. o information on India and its culture, but also and especially on Guadeloupe and the Indians of Guadeloupe. The center must become a reference for anyone who plans to do a work on the Indians of Guadeloupe. - One finds there: o a garden of plants originating from India o La Mahatma GANDHI «one of the architects of the independence of India and apostle of non-violence) o The Peacock (the emblem of India) o The Mandala ((fresco, a circle within which a world is organized and radiates. A precious therapeutic tool at the service of concentration and self-knowledge). o The Rickshaw (a means of locomotion in City in India) + Yoga workshop + visit to the garden of plants originating from India +Exchange (debate) on Indian immigration in Guadeloupe.

About the venue

guadeloupe Petit Canal

A cultural center dedicated to the discovery of Indian culture in Guadeloupe built in 2015 aims to bring together in a place the symbols of Indian culture, allowing a better knowledge of this culture. Exhibitions, shows, activities of all kinds related to India will take place in this place designed by architects who built this center in permanent reference with India (the fishnet that covers the building recalling the layout of the wicker weave, the colors in reference to the colors of india)

Centre guadeloupéen de la culture indienne