Guided tour of the Esplanade district

(Re) -discover the district of the Esplanade, between campus and park of the Citadelle.

©Claude Truong-Ngoc / Wikimedia Commons

(Re) -discover the district of the Esplanade, between campus and park of the Citadelle.

Ah! L'Esplanade… We know this area of name but maybe also because we studied there. But what do these buildings, this campus and this Citadel Park have to tell us?
Between history and modernity, between city and park, discover (re)this lively district of Strasbourg.

About the venue

Parc de la Citadelle, 67000 Strasbourg
  • Espace naturel, parc, jardin
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  • Monument historique

Strasbourg was integrated into the Kingdom of France under the Treaty of Illkirch on 30 September 1681\. Three days later, Sébastien de Vauban undertook the studies necessary for his fortification. The Citadel was erected until 1685 by the engineer general Jacques Tarade to protect the new stronghold. It is a military city between the city and the Rhine and is mainly focused on the Defence of the Rhine. It was partially destroyed during the siege and bombing of Strasbourg in the summer of 1870\. Before its dismantling following the annexation of the city to the Second German Reich (1871), it presented a regular pentagonal plan, bastioned at its angles. The remains are classified as historical monuments in the aftermath of the First World War. In 1964, a park of 12 hectares was built on the site of the Citadelle in the new district of the Esplanade. It combines with picturesque architectural differences, ditch water and vegetation.

Access: Access: Tram C, E: Esplanade/ Bus 30: Ankara/ Bus L1: Rome.

Parc de la Citadelle ©Ji-Elle