Discovering the archaeology and tumulus of Mussig

Discover an exceptional tumular necropolis of the first age of Iron and the profession of archaeologist!


Discover an exceptional tumular necropolis of the first age of Iron and the profession of archaeologist!

  • From 14h to 15h: visit of the site of the tumulus
    Norbert Reppel will present the tumular necropolis, the history of the research carried out there as well as the objects discovered during the excavations.
  • From 3pm to 4pm: archaeology and carpology
    Emmanuelle Bonnaire, carpologist (Alsace Archaeology) will present archaeology in general, its trades and methods, and more particularly its research specialty.
    Highlighted in films, series and video games, the archaeologist illustrates himself as an adventurer looking for an ancient relic at the risk of his life. Far from clichés, archaeology is a rigorous science and its practice is regulated by law. For the past twenty years, the discipline has become professionalized and adopted a specific methodology. From the intervention on the ground to the recovery of the remains, all the stages will be presented to you. Among the different specialties, carpology will be in the spotlight during this meeting.
  • From 2pm to 4pm: gone with the weather
    Streaming of a short animation film on the passing of time, the ancient populations, the richness of the subsoil, the professions and the approach of archaeology.
    Once upon a time there were two archaeologists, Gilles and Agnès, going back in time to the Iron Age... On their excavation site, they discover the objects and remains of a Gaulish village dating back 2500 years. They develop theories to try to understand the life of the villagers. According to their assumptions, the village is rebuilt with its houses, animals and everyday objects, under the gaze of a curious little hen...
    [duration 15'20 - Prod. Le Vaisseau (Bas-Rhin) / Universcience/ Archéologie Alsace/ Amopix, 2015]

About the venue

Chemin de la Digue, 67600 Mussig
  • Site archéologique

With nearly 55 tertres, this set of tumulus divided into two distinct groups is considered one of the most important necropolis of Alsace of the first Iron Age. One of the five tumulus excavated to date, in 1983, allowed the updating of a circular palisade formed of 64 oak piles with triangular section. This is the first example of tumulus with circular palisade ditch in Alsace, particularly well preserved, due to the nature of the soil still wet in this floodplain area of the ried du Centre-Alsace.

Access: Pedestrian access.

Chemin de la Digue ©D. Millius