Days of the Matrimoine

Maison M will be the future communal cultural place dedicated to intergenerational meetings through artistic, playful, gourmet meetings... It will be the House of Cultural Escape.

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© Thierry Savigny

Creation Isadora Deratuld and Aïda Sanchez with the collaboration of:
Olivia Combes,Regis Friaud and Pierre Pailles.
September 19/20, 2020
Hours 10H 19H
HOUSE M opens its doors, come and meet:
The mystery of the dining room
The questioning of the closet
The laughter of the kitchen
The emotion of the show
The worry of the bathroom
The melody of the Rose room
The plot of the small room
The search for corridors
And the big, big room …
Civic Choir Seminar September 19 and 20 in the
Pink room from 13H to 14H30.

About the venue

1 avenue de Neuville 31140 Montberon
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