Free visit of the Centre de Mémoire de la Verrerie d'en Haut in Aniche

Discover this Verrerie, created in 1822\. Take part in a visit with an introduction of 15 minutes.

  • Exposition
  • Gratuit
Centre de Mémoire

Manufacture of glass by mouth blowing - Addition of an Ice Cream Factory in 1850 and Chemical Factory - Factory still in operation Float-Glass.
Reconstitutions, films, exhibition of objects-Models- etc
2 additional exhibitions:

  • Aniche and its glassware
  • Blown, cast, drawn, floated - Glass in full transparency
    Self-guided tour with 15 minute introduction
  • 18 departures per group of 20 parsonnes*
  • Saturday , 7 departures* : 13h30 14h 14h30 15h 15h30 16h 16h30
  • Sunday , 11 departures* : 9h30 10h 10h30 11h 13h30 14h 14h30 15h 15h30 16h 16h30
    The groups are composed in order of arrival, no registrations, the people who arrive once the group formed wait for the next one or visit the basement and come back...
    The Centre is managed 100% by volunteers who all worked in this glassware

About the venue

249 Boulevard DRION 59580 ANICHE
  • Édifice industriel, scientifique et technique

Toute l'histoire de la Verrerie dite d'en Haut, créée en 1823. Sur 2 niveaux, 1500 m2 d'expositions et de reconstitutions
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Access: Accés par route, parking assuré