Guided tour of the Nancy Speledrome

Discovery of an underground historic site to retrace part of Nancy’s history


Detailed information in: The visit is quite sporting (good physical condition required) and rather aquatic. Two options to choose from:

  • Simple visit: lasting from 1h30 to 2h, it consists in the descent of the well of Clairlieu (38 m) equipped every 3 m of landings connected with each other by fixed ladders, followed by a round trip in the gallery. The presence of water and the spacing of the ladder bars limit the age of the visitors. From 10 years.
  • crossing: of a duration of about 3 h, it consists in the descent of the well of the Virgin (63 m) using caving techniques followed by the course of the artificial underground river for about 2,7 km to go up by the well of Clairlieu (38 m) using fixed scales. From the age of 12.

    Virtual Discovery

  • Simple video tour of Nature Fest 2019:
  • The crossing in video:
  • Discover the Speledrome on Wikipedia:

About the venue

3 boulevard des Essarts, 54600 Villers-lès-Nancy
  • Site archéologique

The Nancy Speledrome is the former groundwater drainage gallery of the Hague Forest Plateau, built in the early 1900s to supply the city of Nancy with drinking water. With its gradual drying-up, its operation was abandoned in the 1930s. In a century, nature took over its rights and created superb deposits of white calcite transforming the gallery into an exceptional cave at the very gates of the ducal city.

Spéléodrome de Nancy - MJC Jean Savine ©Daniel Prévot, 2002