Visit to Mulhouse Central Cemetery

Tribute to Mulhousian artists: cartoonists, painters and musicians.

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Joël Eisenegger

The speakers will present the biography of the outstanding figures resting at the Mulhouse cemetery.
In the 19th century, Mulhousian industrialists used highly talented designers to produce fabrics and wallpaper.
This year, Mémoire Mulhousienne pays tribute to these artists, as well as to some local painters such as Breitwieser, Folk or Binaepfel.
Between the 19th and early 20th centuries, Mulhouse saw the development of an intense musical activity. Some artists have made careers (Reber, Barlow, Ehrhart). For others, like Georges Mieg or Aloyse Braun, music was added to a professional activity.

About the venue

94, rue Lefebvre 68100 Mulhouse
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Le cimetière central de Mulhouse héberge les sépultures de nombreuses personnalités ayant contribué à l'essor industriel de la ville.

Access: Parking gratuit, bus C5 arrêt cimetière

Cimetière central de Mulhouse Joël Eisenegger