The Industry Box: Immersive sound and image box for one or two viewers,

L'Industry Box à Commentry: installation > histoire des luttes travailleurs sur le bassin de Montluçon et Commentry

Théâtre des Ilets - Cécile Dureux

In partnership with the Théâtre des Ilets (Montluçon)
The Industry Box combines the photographic creations of Philippe Malone made at industrial sites in Montluçon and its surroundings, with narratives of the lives of Montluçon workers collected and shaped by Carole Thibaut, that trace, through their intimate history, a century of industry, from the fire of the Saint-Jacques forges and shell factories of 1914-1918 to the cutting-edge industries that survive today.
A living history of struggles, of humanity, of intimate and political dramas, to which Monique Brun, Olivier Perrier and Valérie Schwarcz lend their voices, on a musical creation by Camille Rocailleux.
A sensitive and poetic journey in the industrial history of the 20th and 21st centuries told by those who lived it.
Design, interviews and texts Carole Thibaut • texts by Monique Brun, Olivier Perrier and Valérie Schwarcz • photographs Philippe Malone, assisted by Cécile Dureux and Valérie Vivier • montage images Max René • création musicale Camille Rocailleux • création sonore Margaux Robin • conception technique son et vidéo Sophie Barraud • scénographie Camille Allain-Dulondel • coordination technique Véronique Dubin • construction Jean-Jacques Mielczarek, Sébastien Debonnet, Jérôme Sautereau and Séverine Yvernault • graphic design Rodolphe Michard • Laurent Dubin outdoor image processing • a huge thank you to all those who testified and participated in the search for these testimonies, under the coordination of Cécile Dureux crédit photographique: Philippe Malone / Cécile Dureux production et réalisation théâtre des Îlets – centre dramatique national de Montluçon – région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes • with the support of the AMTA – Agence des Musiques des Territoires d'Auvergne and the 109 – SMAC de Montluçon • This project was co-financed by the European Union under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD): Europe invests in rural areas.
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