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Library of Brogieux books and archives exhibition

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155, route de Chardon, 07100 Roiffieux, Ardèche, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
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Built on the rests of a strong farm of the XIVth century, the castle was progressively improved by the family which acquired it in 1676\. Without notable external modifications since 1770, it is mainly at the instigation of Pierre Marie Christophe (on 1735 - 1826), ancestor of the owner of today, that the set(group) took its current speed(look) with especially the creation of gardens in terraces opening on the panorama of the Alps. It is during this period thought of lights " and the abundant archives of the house certify it, that Brogieux was involved in all ideas and discoveries which crossed this time(period). It is possible to quote the moderating action(share) of Pierre Marie Christophe Bollioud during revolutionary period, botany which he was fascinated, the introduction of the worm with silk or its friendship and its interest for aérostatiques discoveries of brothers Montgolfier.

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