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At the orchard you learn every day.
"Who is this insect? And this caterpillar? Friend or foe? Should we fight, or should we pamper ourselves? Or just live with it?"
"Well, why doesn’t my tree have any fruit? Alternating problem? Field problem? Does it have friends?" Or is he just too young?
"Well, these leaves are all puffy. A disease? An animal?"
Many questions and not always answers, but we are looking!

About the venue

Chemin du Verger Tiocan, 01630 Péron, Ain, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • Espace naturel, parc, jardin

Measuring the country of Gex and Valserine, not far from French-Swiss border, the followers of the association " Le Verger Tiocan " found many varieties of apples (but also of pears and plums) endangered(dying). They then collected(then took in) them, did(threw) them, crashed them, grafted them. Their action(share) joins so in an emblematic way in the course of extension of the notion of heritage in botanical sorts(species) and in gardens which is one of notable phenomena of fifty last years. In a department particularly rich in "local products" - where food-processing production establishes(constitutes), at the same time as one of the main economic resources, a constituting dimension(size) of local identity - the association " the Orchard Tiocan " leads a work of preservation, of research(search) and of promotion(valuation). Among its different realisations, the association set up an orchard-academy where it makes relive varieties of fruits sometimes totally disappeared or surviving the residual state. One hundred and fifty old(former) fruit sorts(species) in an orchard are presented there which covers more than two hectares. A path(way) of discovery, accessible(approachable) to the people with reduced mobility, along 300 metres, travels(browses) the orchard: 10 electronic communication and information terminals tackle(approach) so many(much) themes on techniques, ambient nature, names of varieties, etc... In the room of welcome(reception) of 50m ²; 10 wall panels(signs) develop and deepen(fathom) 10 other subjects: size, transplant, ecosystem, types of apples, history(story) of the Orchard, etc and, in season, from September till April, a collection of more than 80 varieties of apples. The orchard opens its doors on the occasion of several events(demonstrations): European Heritage Days in September, Meeting(Appointment) in Gardens in June, blooming in April-May, and Party(Holiday) of the apple 1 ° October weekend: with sale of fruits and of apple juice. The orchard welcomes the school and the groups by appointment. Courts(Yards) of size and of Clerk's Office are dispensed(exempted) every year. The association is in touch with the network of the Devourers of apples, the establishments of education(teaching) and of arboreal research(search) for Poisy (Haute-Savoie) and for Lullier (Geneva) as well as the departmental Museum of Revermont (Ain). She(It) participates in several meetings between specialists. The exemplary action(share) which leads the Orchard Tiocan in favour of the preservation of the botanical heritage of the Country of Gex is recognised by several differentiations as part of Prices(Prizes) Carrefour(crossroads) - European Heritage Days and by the regions with a measure of autonomy which bring it their support.

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