Exhibition(Exposure) "Be allowed narrate the door of the Town hall"

Exhibition(Exposure) on the history(story) of the door of the Town hall, in connection with the recent arrangements(developments).

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Photo S. Riandet, service Patrimoine de la Ville de Langres

Recently, renovation work of the public road network(garbage dump) and lighting allowed to promote this exceptional strengthened heritage. To arrest better the history(story) of this site, an exhibition(exposure) is installed(settled) on the occasion of European Heritage Days on the rampart located between the door of the town hall and the Gallo-Roman bow(arc). On Saturday, September 15th at 19 h 00, the City of Langres invites the public to come participate in an unveiling of the door of the Town hall.

About the venue

52200 Langres

Probably done up from the beginning by medieval period when the Gallo-Roman bow(arc) was walled up, the current door was built in the XVIIIth century and its barbican changed in the XIXth century. The guardroom, dated of 1620, also served as granting when this door resulted in the place(square) of the market of Langres

Porte de l'hôtel de ville Photo David Covelli, service Patrimoine de la Ville de Langres