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Large strengthened architectural ensemble, splendid dovecote of the XVIth century and barn in the impressive skeletons.

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Visit commented by the owners at 11 h. At 15 h, meeting and conference around the book "The pools of Normandy", publishing(editions) Falaise(Cliffs) (publication in May, 2019), in the presence of the authors, Vincent Brien (photographer) and Jean-Christophe Abé-Goulier (co-ordinator of work) as well as of Aurélie Marchalot (project leader Mares(representative Mares) and Amphibians in the regional Nature park of the Buckles(Loops) of the Norman Seine). Meeting will be suvie of a session of signatures and the sales of work in partnership with the bookshop shrubby (Yvetot).

About the venue

270 route des Argilières, 27500 Bourneville
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Large architectural ensemble strengthened with dovecote (the XVIth century s.), this strengthened farm shelters from barns in the impressive skeletons of XVITH - XVIIITH s. Access to the people with reduced mobility partial: inside accessible(approachable) except the dovecote. (narrow door preventing the passage of a wheelchair)

Access: In 13 taken(brought) out 26\. In Bourneville follow Fourmetôt - Pont-Audemer (D139) to turn(shoot) between 2 road-transport bridges(decks) (A13 and 131). Lilletôt sorts for mailing of Argillières.