Guided tour in music of the chateau of saint Sylvestre in Grandcamp

Guided tour in music of the Castle of Big(Great) - Camp with the set(group) Meslanges

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Musical visits of the Castle of Big(Great) - Camp. The castle of Big(Great) - Camp opens its doors during European Heritage Days. A musical route(course) with the set(group) Meslanges will allow to discover chapel, lounges(shows) and park of the Castle. The set(group) Meslanges created by Thomas Van Essen gathers(combines) singers soloists and instrumentalists fascinated by the musical diversity which offers the early music. It is based in Rouen. Their last record(disk) devoted to masses recently found by the organist Jehan Titelouze was rented(praised) by the criticism: Key ResMusica and Diapason Discovered by April 2019: "Conviviality of spirit and envoutement of senses(directions) are there" The set(group) Meslanges has occurred recently in the festivals of St Michel in Thiérache, The Chair-God, the BACH D' ARQUES-LA-BATAILLE academy, of Lanvellec and of Tregor, in the festival of early music of Utrecht...

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Le château, 76170 Grand-Camp
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