The Town Hall, cradle of citizen's values

Visit of the town hall aimed at(bound for) the school. A route(course) citizens in the discovery of the creation of the registry office(civil status) in Revolution, of duty of remembrance or role and

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Mairie d'Aubervilliers

Since Revolution, the "Town Hall" is the cradle of citizen's values. Across a visit of the building, the pupils tackle(approach) many notions to understand the functioning of a city council. Every stage is a chance to evoke an aspect of citizen's life: the creation of the registry office(civil status) in Revolution and the notion of identity, the duty of remembrance across the analysis of the monument to deaths, role and missions of the elected representatives or present republican symbols in the town hall.

About the venue

2 rue de la Commune-de-Paris 93300 Aubervilliers
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Access: Bus 150, 170, 173 Métro 12 - Arrêt front populaire, puis bus 35 RER B - Arrêt Aubervilliers-La Courneuve puis bus 150