Workshop(Studio) of the Past(Time spent) - 20 years of the Restoration of Works of art in the Viaduct of Arts

The Restoration of paintings(boards), polychrome objects, of works on paper, of executives(frames) - custom-made Frames(Supervisions) - Expertise in Authenticity of Paintings(Boards)

  • Atelier / Démonstration / Savoir-faire
(c) atelier du temps passé

Come discover, in Viaduct of Artsin l'WORKSHOP(STUDIO) OF THE PAST(TIME SPENT)

  • The restoration(catering) of paintings(boards) and of painted objects (refixages, cleanings puttying, alterations(retouch), private views, etc.),
  • The restoration(catering) of works on paper (diagnosis, treatments(processings), cleanings, fillings, etc.),
  • The restoration(catering) of executives(frames) (collages(stickings), cleanings, surmoulages, gilding, patina, etc.)
  • The custom-made frame(supervision) (classic, modern and contemporary baguettes, assemblies(editings), Marie Louise and Pass everywhere)
  • Techniques of authentication of the materials of the painting(paint) (microscopies, U.V, I.R, R.X, HXR, etc.). On the occasion of its 20 years in the Viaduct of Arts, all team of Conservatives(Curators)-Restaurateurs, of Researchers and of Creative craftsmen will welcome you to present you all their secrets... At the heart of Paris, come push the door of one of the most beautiful workshops(studios) of France devoted to Heritage...

About the venue

3 avenue Daumesnil 75012 Paris
  • Édifice industriel, scientifique et technique

The Viaduct of Arts, at the heart of Paris, district Bastille / Lion railway station

Access: Subways Bastille or Lion railway station. Parking lot Opéra Bastille Vinci

Viaduc des Arts atelier du temps passé