Exhibition(Exposure) Little stories: 1001 narratives and anecdotes around the works of the collection

Guided tour of a collection of contemporary art of company (painting(paint), photography, sculpture)

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Little stories - 1001 narratives and anecdotes around the works of the collection Everything begins in 1995, when the artist Tom Carr, further to a command(order) of the company, invests(surrounds) the entrance hall of Société Générale by raising(by bringing up) to it a big(great) spiral in suspension above an ornamental pond. If some people see an inspirante metaphor of growth there, others already belong called subscriber if it was about a tribute returned to the rugby. And they will indeed be right, because here begin our collection of small stories! To reconcile art and life, such is the project of numerous artists for the XIXth century. And if every work tells its own story, they establish(constitute) together a powerful relational device(plan) which reacts from its context, its place of life. There is a part of random(unpredictable) in these meetings with contemporary art. Corridors(Lanes), rooms of meetings, kiosks(pavilions) with music, cafeterias, restaurants of company 1 200 works of art of the collection live in the interspaces of the thousands of square metres of The Defense and of Val-de-Fontenay. Keep an eye open(Open the eye), and magic operates! Sculpture, painting(paint) or photography, they act(behave) like machines to cause(provoke) individual or collective meetings and open infinite opportunities of dialogues and new modes of thought, new possibilities of life. They hold a social position. The most frequently asked question to a cultural ombudsman? Undoubtedly that of signification or else famous: “I understand nothing there”. But what do we exactly hear(understand) by signification? This exhibition(exposure) is a chance to question standards, to decipher sense(direction) " and to test an active pedagogy. The ombudsmen represent the boatmen of stories, those of the artists, works, but also yours, ours: this moment when individuality becomes the collective. All this stories(trouble) are rich and scheming, every narrative in its value. Pass(Spend,Cross) welcome(reception) and threshold of the portico(gantry), a bronze sculpture of Barry Flanagan waits for you. An elephant "mascot" presentation at the heart of a bank: history(story) is peculiar. Book an appointment with an ombudsman, he will tell it you.

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17 cours Valmy 92800 Puteaux
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Services Centraux du Groupe Société Générale à La Défense abritant une collection d'art contemporain privée mais ouverte au grand public

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