Exhibition(Exposure): Animals and men(people)

Wildlife representations mark by their presence artistic and patrimonial treasures of Meaux

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Ville de Meaux - musée Bossuet

Wildlife representations mark by their presence artistic and patrimonial treasures of our city:

  • The cathedral Saint-Étienne offers with regard to the visitor his rich medieval sculptor, whose part(party) of the lapidary kidnapped during works of restoration(catering) of the XIXth century is kept(preserved) in the archaeological collections of the museum and includes many rooms(parts,plays) of gargoyles and of chimeras.
  • The old(former) fund(collection) of the media library Luxembourg of Meaux can of rich volumes of manuscripts and of incunabulum allowing to approach the bestiaries of Middle Ages.
  • Finally, animals occupy a not insignificant place(square) in the collections of the museum Bossuet (they are represented as well in works of art and religious and mythological paintings(paints) of the XVIth and XVIIIth century as in the works of the XIXth century and of the XXth century). All these works, gathered(combined) under the same guiding principle, will bring a rich information, at once aesthetic and didactic - from the point of view of the history of art - on the place(square) of the animal in European art and favour the possibilities of confrontations and of dialogues between diverse times(periods). Works presented on the occasion of this temporary exhibition(exposure) result(come) mainly from public collections of the City of Meaux, kept(preserved) either to the museum Bossuet or to the media library Luxembourg. Only about ten paintings(cloths) of very high quality stemming from a remarkable private collection came enrich and supplement this set(group) judiciously. This exhibition(exposure) would not have been able to be possible without the partnership of the media library Luxembourg of Meaux and the very special competition(help) of Fabien fashion designer, responsible of the patrimonial and old(former) fund(collection). Our gratitude addresses very especially Mrs Christiane De Aldecoa, historian of art and director(manager) of the Exercise books of History of art, who agreed to give to the museum Bossuet, on this occasion, some some of the rooms(parts,plays) of her remarkable collection of painting(paint).

About the venue

5 place Charles-de-Gaulle 77100 Meaux
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The Bossuet museum occupies the prestigious palace of the bishops of Meaux located north of the cathedral Saint-Etienne. The building was classified as "Historic Monument" from 1862\. The museum presents collections of painting(paint) and of sculpture of XITH - XIXTH centuries. The mythological and religious painting(paint) of the French school is there particularly remarkable thanks to donation Changeux. The building presents a very various architecture, on the basis of the low rooms of environment(middle) the XIIth century devoted currently to temporary exhibitions(exposures), via(including) a tower itself Renaissance which shelters an inclined plane assuring(insuring) passage at the different levels of the building(ship), and ending in apartments and lounges(shows) of the XVIIth century, against which is juxtaposed a chapel extended in the XVth century.

Access: Since bets: SNCF(FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY), Eastern station - by the road: A4 direction Metz