Exhibition(Exposure), demonstration and discovery of the brassware

Discover the ancestral technique of the beating of the metal leaf in an artist studio.

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Marc Guillermin

Exhibition(Exposure), demonstration and discovery of the brassware

During European Heritage Days, you will be able to discover, in the dionysien workshop(studio) of Mark Guillermin located in old(former) Wash-sheds, the different facets of brassworker's job(business) this ancestral technique of the beating of the metal leaf but also its work of sculptor metal across its exposed(explained) creations. On this occasion, artists' certain workshops(studios) will also open their doors and their artistic universes. In his work, Mark Guillermin, tries to reveal softness hidden from some metal by realising sculptures and steel works of art welded and hammered sheet steel all in light and sensual waves. In its rooms(parts,plays), inspired by unstable cycles, it tries to make apparaitre clouds, vagueness or flames... And twist the neck in the reputation of hardness and of coldness of the metal. In comforting forms intended(designed) to be good for look, for touch, for thought and for our sensitive world. What it is necessary to know: The building(ship) of Wash-sheds located at the edge of the Channel(Canal) Saint-Denis, yesterday communal tumble-dryer, is occupied by the association of the Centre of Wash-sheds today and is also a place of artistic creation with about ten workshops(studios) of painters, sculptors, artisans or photographers. Saturday, 21 and Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 Schedules: From 10 h till 19 h

About the venue

1 quai du Square 93200 Saint-Denis
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  • Édifice maritime et fluvial

Les Bateaux-Lavoirs situés au bord du Canal Saint-Denis, hier lavoir et séchoir à linge communal, sont aujourd'hui occupés par l'association Centre des Bateaux-Lavoirs et est un lieu de création artistique avec une dizaine d'ateliers de peintres, sculpteurs et artisans.

Access: M° Saint-Denis Porte de Paris / SNCF : Gare de Saint-Denis / RER D : Saint-Denis

Bateaux-Lavoirs de Saint-Denis Yu Zhao