Where is Firmin the grape?

Bar-le-Duc is in turmoil! Firmin, the grape disappeared from its cornucopia! All city is anxious and wonders what could well come into the head of our favourite grape.

  • Animation Jeune public
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original and innovative Concept for an entertaining discovery of Bar-le-Duc, to live in family! Conceived(Designed) from a riddle staged and adapted to the city of Bar-le-Duc, this game(set,play) is in the form of a kit. The bag of mission of the small journalist investigating officer gathers(collects) several objects of which a log book allowing to the children to cross(exceed) different stages and to solve riddles.

About the venue

Place Saint-Pierre, 55000 Bar-le-Duc
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  • Monument historique

Edifice commencé en 1315 et achevé en 1630 (clocher). Façade de style gothique flamboyant, vitraux de Champigneulle, sculptures de Ligier Richier, grilles de la chapelle Baudinais.

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