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Immersives visits in exhibition(exposure) "The Love of Journeys" artists and contemporary creative craftsmen have talks with a big(great) traveller of the 18th century...

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  • Offre pass Culture : cet évènement est spécifiquement pensé pour les jeunes de 18 ans. Je souhaite qu’il soit référencé sur le pass Culture. En cochant cette case, j’accepte l’utilisation de ces données par le pass Culture ainsi que les conditions générales d’utilisation de la plateforme :
Teresa Dantas

It is around passion for the journey of Charles-Nicolas-Sigisbert Sonnini of Manoncourt (1751-1812) that contemporary creators developed their rooms(parts,plays) and proposals corresponding of the Cabinet(Office) of Natural history of the King, collaborator of Buffon, lover of the botany having devoted its spare time to the setting-up(presence) of new sorts(species), lover of the human cultures which he crosses on his road..

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13 rue du Port, 54120 Baccarat
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Pole(Centre) Jewel attempts to promote and to make discover the contemporary creators of the jewel. That they test new materials, new uses(practices) or return to the gout of day of old(former) traditional and techniques, the presented creators are all actors of current creation who join numerous artistic currents. So, you will be able to discover and is possible be to understand(include) motivations and inspirations of these jewellers who sometimes will give you smile, sometimes surprise you, sometimes know how to move you Pole(Centre) receive exhibitions(exposures) presenting events bound(connected) to the world of the jewelry(jeweler's store).

Access: Train TER direction(management) St Dié des Vosges - Station of Baccarat in 5 minutes on foot Car by arriving in Baccarat since St Dié des Vosges or Nancy: Follow direction(management) " Rambervillers " - Cross the bridge(deck) which spans the Meurthe - In The gyratory crossroads got out of it of bridge(deck), to take the 3rd to the right - who(which) follows the church St Remy - direction(management) " Lachapelle " - to park on the huge parking lot (300 free places(squares)) which is immediately after the church to the left - From there, to borrow the pedestrianized footbridge which spans Meurthe, Pole(Centre) Jewel Gallery is the just building(ship) got out of it of footbridge to the left.

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