Visit free of the European archaeological Park of Bliesbruck-Reinheim

Travel across time(weather) in the Roman and Celtic discovery of civilisations

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Département de la Moselle / Laurent Beckrich

Travel across time(weather) in the Roman and Celtic discovery of civilisations
Go off to explore vestiges of the small Roman city and its public thermal baths, travel(browse) the big(great) villa of Reinheim and penetrate into the grave of the princess of Reinheim. Admire collections existent from excavations(searches) presented in the different places of exhibition(exposure) of the Park.

About the venue

1, rue Robert Schuman, 57200 Bliesbruck
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The park presents the results(profits) of excavations(searches) concerning Celtic and Gallo-Roman periods mainly. Reconstruction of the grave of the princess of Reinheim, one of the Celtic burials the richest in Europe, Gallo-Roman thermal baths, forum, and its two commercial and craft(home-made) districts. Nearby, a huge villa, with buildings of agricultural production and the residence of the master(teacher). In the spaces of exhibition(exposure), presentation(display) of tools and of creations of the Roman craftsmen(architects), the imported exotic products, the inside of the Roman house, the buried treasures, toiletry items and objects of finery, agricultural tools and monumental decorations(sets).

Access: Access by D82 from Sarreguemines - 2 free parking lots - Places(Squares) handicapped

Parc archéologique européen de Bliesbruck-Reinheim Département de la Moselle