Visite libre du Cloître des Récollets

Visitez l'ancien couvent médiéval et ses galeries gothiques et voûtées. Partiellement accessible aux PMR.

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Christian Legay
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About the venue

1-3 rue des Récollets, 57000 Metz
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Based(Established) by monks in the order of the Cordeliers who settled down on the hill Sainte-Croix in 1230, the cloister was occupied from 1602 and up to Revolution by Récollets who(which) became established there on their place. Buildings(Ships) knew diverse uses then: store with salt, coopers then shoemakers working for the army, workshops(studios) of charity, office(desk) of beneficence... On a part(party) of the gardens of the Convent of Récollets were built in 1863 of the reservoirs of water for the supply of the city. Today, the Local Archives occupy two old(former) reservoirs.
The Garden of the Simple (curative plants) of the cloister of Récollets presents a collection of more than 80 different sorts(species) with their precise and official therapeutic indications published by the French Agency of Sanitary Safety(Security) of the Products of Health (ANSM). The second garden proposes toxic plants used in the preparation of medicine as anticancer agents, tonic cardiac or else powerful painkillers.

Access: Stop(Ruling): In Fournirue (N83 which does not circulate(run) on Sundays), Tanners (L4), Pl. d' Armes or St Georges (L3)

Cloître des Récollets Société Française d’Ethnopharmacologie