Visit free of the Centre of Interpretation(Performance) and of Documentation 14-18

This centre, devoted to the amateurs of history(story) as to the curious leans on an important collection of objects and of documents, an important collection of weapons and of uniforms.

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Association Guerre en Vosges

About the venue

Maison Cartier Bresson, La Menelle, 54540 Pierre-Percée
  • Musée, salle d'exposition

The Centre of interpretation(performance) and of documentation 1914-1918 is installed(settled) in the house having belonged to Charles Cartier Bresson, mayor of Those on Plain during conflict. CID was conceived(designed) to answer the wait(expectation) of different public: curious, amateurs of history(story)... The War association in Vosges proposes you of exhibitions(exposures), animations, conferences...

Centre d'interprétation et de documentation 1914-1918 Association Guerre en Vosges