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Discover a park to the ancient trees and the preserved architectural ensemble: a busy stable formerly by the national Stud farms, a nastiness, one orangery and a coolbox.

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La Lorraine gaumaise - Michel Laurent

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rue de Benoist, 55600 Thonne-les-Prés
  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir

A first castle of the seigniory of Laval, dating of 1662, will disappear in the age of Revolution. Some vestiges testify his(her,its) existence. A second castle, dating of 1667, will be rebuilt at the beginning of the XIXth century by Frederick le Crochart, treasurer of Napoleon 1st. His(Her,Its) architecture is inspired of Italian constructions. The building(ship) facing castle was a stable for the horses of hunting with hounds which was occupied by the National Stud farms during several years. The castle of Thonne-les-Prés is located in a park of 5ha where meet gasolines(essences) of trees of the rarest and of the most spectacular.

Château de Thonne-les-Prés Boerkevitz - wikimedia commons