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Discover the native house of Gabriel Pierné. Partly accessible(approachable) to PMR.

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Association Carrefour

About the venue

3 et 4 rue des Trinitaires, 57000 Metz
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Registered in the actions(shares) of social benefits, the Carrefour association also contributes to preservation and promotion(valuation) of heritage, as much as it is implanted on patrimonial spaces. So Instrumentarium presents a piece of Roman wall, which turns out be the just continuity of the thermal baths of the Museum of the golden Court(Yard). In the centre of the court(yard) of the home(foyer) street of the Trinitarian, mix very curious contemporary Graouilly and historic house of Gabriel Pierné.

Access: Accessibility to the people with reduced mobility: native house of Gabriel Pierné, monumental sculptures, stained-glass windows of 4, rue des Trinitaires. No accessibility to the people with reduced mobility: huge fresco of André Flori, underground Roman wall.

Association carrefour Association Carrefour