Visit free of the chapel Orthodox Saint Martin Saint-Silouane

Visit free of the Chapel Orthodox Saint Martin Saint-Silouane

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Chapelle Orthodoxe Saint-Martin Saint-Silouane

Visit free of the chapel Orthodox Saint Martin Saint-Silouane. For the first time this year, the chapel is ronée wall frescoes representing a déisis (Christ surrounded with the mother of God and of Saint Jean Baptiste). You will be able also to see there three hierarchic saints Basile, Gregory and Jean Chrysostome; the mother of God of Sign as well as bent ceiling presenting the Christ in glory and parties(holidays) of the Christ.

About the venue

32 rue Saint-Gengoulf, 57000 Metz
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Orthodox chapel created in 1990\. She(It) presents an iconostase (separation between the nave and the chorus(choir)), icons of big(great) liturgical parties(holidays) and saints and liturgical objects (liturgical clothes, chasubles, épitaphios, trident, cross).

Chapelle orthodoxe Saint-Martin-Saint-Silouane Eglise Saint-Martin