Discover the dark side of the Fort of Pont-Saint-Vincent (Strong Pelissier - Fort Adventure)

Disclose secrets of his(her,its) history(story) and visit many rooms normally closed to the public!

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Dimitri Boudinot

About the venue

Lieu-dit Fort Pélissier Terre Vaine, 54550 Bainville-sur-Madon
  • Édifice militaire, enceinte urbaine

The fort of Pont-Saint-Vincent (called so hardly Pélissier) is a work of the system Séré of Rivers built between 1878 and 1881\. During the World War I, it is used as depot by the Americans. In 1943, he(it) is in the hands of the German army. Training centre commando squad from 1970, he(it) is renovated in 1980, then abandoned(given up) in 1996\. In 1999, he(it) is acquired(bought back) on sale in the candle by a group of enthusiasts which inaugurates in 2005 the fort of adventure.

Access: Strong Parking lot risks

Fort Pélissier Fort Pélissier Fort Aventure