Guided tour of blockhouses Maginot du Huberbusch

Guided tours of the blockhouses of the famous Maginot line in Hobling, with guide in holding(dress) of the French army of 1940\. Dive into history(story)...

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Casemates du Huberbusch

Guided tours of the blockhouses of the Maginot line in Hobling, with a bivouac of the French army of 1940. Also discover a trench of time(period), restored by the volunteers of the association in load(responsibility) of the site since 2011. The Maginot line is a fortification conceived(designed) in 1930s, on Eastern borders. In 1939, 38 men of the 164th RIF occupied the blockhouses of Huberbusch, who(which) had as mission to block the enemy between the works of Hobling and of Michelsberg. The blockhouses of Huberbusch knew fights from June, 1940 and till July, 1940, they were forced to go(surrender) and to be established(constituted) prisoners.

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rue des vergers Hobling, 57320 Chémery-les-Deux
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From September, 1939, during the statement(declaration) of war, the blockhouses of Huberbusch counted 38 men(people) of the 164th Regiment of Infantry of Fortress. These blockhouses of infantry, rather narrow and connected(bound) by an important trench, had as mission to assure(insure) the continuity of fires(lights) between two other works of the Maginot line. They are in the heart of the forest from Hobling, on the municipality of Chémery-les-Deux. Having fought(disputed), his(her,its) crew(equipage) will be forced to go(surrender) on July 4th, 1940, on order of the high command.

Casemates de Huberbusch - Ligne Maginot Thierry Caland