Guided tour of the church of Pulligny

Discover the history(story) of Pulligny during a conference, then visit this church of the 15th (registered in conformance with(for) Historic monuments).

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The public will be welcomed in front of the church and a presentation(display) of accesses(neighborhoods) and of facade will be made. The public will then be invited to sit down in the church (45 mn) for a presentation concerning the Sires of Pulligny who made build the building in the 15th century and for a projection (photos of parchments, major works located in the church, especially those listed(classified) or registered MH).
Then the guided tour (45 mn) will take place highlighting in particular stained-glass windows, the Way of the Cross(long, hard way) in baked clay, keystones and steles carrying the weapons of Pulligny or prestigious conjugal allies (Vaudémont, Joinville, Ligniville).
The jar of friendship (without alcohol) will be then served in the church hall located in the area around the church.

About the venue

Place du Jet d'eau 54160 Pulligny
  • Monument historique
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  • Édifice religieux
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  • Édifice rural

Cette église date du 15e siècle et est inscrite en totalité au titre des monuments historiques.

Access: Parkings : place du Général Leclerc ; place du foyer culturel

Église Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens ©Jean-François Ruth